Biport Door

Biport Door

Designed based on the market trend, the Biport unites in a single product quickly and sealing, while a reduction of costs and maintenance. The enclosure consists deuna door stop a cold or freeze-from conservation and rápidaque roller door can be self-healing in the event of positive temperature. Its strength lies in fast roller guiaje lapuerta, held by the same frame of the cooling door. This allows all components of the fast rolling door can be placed outside the chamber, thus avoiding problems of condensation, frost or ice even on canvas, which is reflected in the drum outside the chamber once at rest the system.

Setting: integrates the closure of the positive or negative cold door and canvas guiaje rapid door.
These guides are calefaccionadas in case of low temperature. Made with materials that provide a thermal break between the inside and the outside of the refrigerator. Finished in stainless steel. I preclacado …
Refrigeration door of variable thickness according to the temperature of the refrigerator. Finished in steel, lacquered, …

Sliding rail: Contains the mechanisms underpinning the door facilitating manual movement and / or automatic.
Entretelada canvas: there are few side stops, in case of impact against the canvas off the guides. In case of positive temperature, Biport carries the self-repair system. Our extensive range of canvases give you the perfect solution for every application. Optional peepholes. (In case of negative temperature is not possible to place peepholes because the composition of the material for low temperature)

Kit Drive: electro-mechanical mechanism that allows the opening and closing the refrigerator door automatically. The Kit allows the cooling door is unlocked at the end, allowing manual operation. In case you are halfway there is a manual release that allows decouple door kit.

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