Sandwich panels industrial buildings

Sandwich panels industrial buildings

DIPPANEL industrial warehouse sandwich panels are specially designed to finish off the facades and roofs of these facilities. In DIPPANEL we offer a multitude of possibilities always with the mind set on the client, thus offering various types of thicknesses, finishes (smooth, grated, colors …) as well as the type of insulation, depending on whether a higher fire protection is required ( rock wool) or lower (PUR and PIR).

Another feature that includes DIPPANEL industrial warehouse sandwich panels is the termination of the joint, where the customer can opt for a tongue and groove type with hidden screws, both guaranteeing maximum insulation and robustness of the installation. This speaking of the panels for facades, for the roofs we also have several types of joint terminations that range from those that have flashing to those that do, 3 and 5 grecas or the tile type.

The sandwich panel manufactured in this gamase:
W 1000 mm.
Thickness: 30 – 40 – 50 – 60 – 80 – 100-120 mm.

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