Sliding doors

Sliding doors

Sliding doors

Door designed especially for industrial installations where there is a continuous work and need a door with full warranty and we avoid maintenance problems. In addition to robust, it is lightweight in its displacement, easy installation and materials are of top quality.

Extruded aluminum and subsequently painted white, with double thermal break. This framework has the possibility to be equipped with resistance to prevent freezing of the seal in low temperature chambers. It is adaptable to any panel or civil works.

Insulated with high density polyurethane (50 kg / m3) and veneer finished in white lacquer, plastic (PVC) or 304 or 316 stainless steel, and it is reinforced and edged around the perimeter with an extruded aluminum-like finish stainless .

Industrial cold sliding door
Thickness of Blade: 80, 100, 120 and 140 mm depending temperatures.

Sliding guide, made of extruded aluminum profile with a special corrosion protection.

Superior double set of stainless steel bearings with a film of a techno-polymer whose characteristics are high strength and toughness without losing the softness in her slip.

Outside handle and all hardware in stainless steel.

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Commercial Sliding Door

Refrigerating door designed specifically for refrigerated or frozen products in a commercial environment where it is not necessary to maintain high temperatures below zero.

Industrial sliding door

Refrigerating door designed specifically for the industry, for intensive conservation, freezing and / or tunneling uses.

Sliding door automatic kit

Preassembled, so assembly is quick and easy. Tractor consists of a bar made of extruded aluminum lacquer, in the interior are allowed all the mechanisms of transmission and engine to power the refrigerator door.

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