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Dock leveler

Dock leveler

Platform hydraulic swing lip of hydraulic lift-drop of it, and hydraulic control of the lip.

The drop-lift cylinders are equipped with safety valve against breakage of hoses.

Side skirts for foots.

Hydro-phase motor drives with computer-controlled electronic power supply single phase.

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Puerta cortafuegos

Fire doors

Metal fire doors that meet all applicable European standards, offering great protection and security. They are specially designed for buildings, both public and private, with a large trafficking.

Sectional door

Industrial sectional door consists of high quality sandwich panels that offer great insulation 40 mm thick, stuffed inside of insulating polyurethane foam, high-density (40 kg/m3), with different models and finishes.

The hinges, roll holder and other accessories of galvanized steel are certified by the TÜV, cables and springs meet regulations specific machines for each case.

Dock shelter

The spring coats are indicated for installation in ships that wish to isolate the merchandise zone with temperature control and zones with the maximum hygienic guarantees in the handling of merchandise.

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