Refrigeration doors accessories

Refrigeration doors accessories

Refrigerating door accessories

Dippanel has an extensive refrigerating door accessories catalog.  These accessories are perfectly valid to repair and upgrade the refrigerating doors characteristics.

You will find hinges, locks, levers, weather strips for:

  • Sliding Refrigerating doors.
  • Pivot refrigerating doors.
  • Swing and passenger refrigerating doors.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any accessory that you may need, and if we can provide it to you, we will.

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Sliding door automatic kit

Preassembled, so assembly is quick and easy. Tractor consists of a bar made of extruded aluminum lacquer, in the interior are allowed all the mechanisms of transmission and engine to power the refrigerator door.

Commercial pivot door

Refrigerating door designed specifically for refrigerated or frozen products in a commercial field where the maintenance of high temperatures below zero is not necessary.

Non insulated sliding door

This Door has been specially designed to separate heated areas, easy installation and smooth parallel sliding without adjustment falls.

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