Refrigeration doors accessories

Refrigeration door accessories

The refrigeration doors have components that wear out with use and need to be replaced so that the refrigeration door continues to perform well. DIPPANEL, apart from offering complete refrigerator doors, offers the customer the possibility of purchasing accessories individually.

The client may purchase hinges, locks, weatherstrippings, handles and locks, among other components.

Refrigerated sliding doors

The following accessories can be purchased:



Adjustment ramps

Pivoting refrigerating doors

The following accessories can be purchased:





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Sliding doors

Door designed especially for industrial installations where there is a continuous work and need a door with full warranty and we avoid maintenance problems. In addition to robust, it is lightweight in its displacement, easy installation and materials are of top quality.

Sliding door automatic kit

Preassembled, so assembly is quick and easy. Tractor consists of a bar made of extruded aluminum lacquer, in the interior are allowed all the mechanisms of transmission and engine to power the refrigerator door.

Pivot doors

Refrigeration hinged door designed for continuous and sustainable employment in the food industry.

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