Floor Insulation

Floor insulation

Dippanel floor insulation divides indoor and outdoor spaces, making them suitable for daily use. The types of insulation boards used in this type of project are extruded polystyrene, which promotes the thermal sensation of the room or building in which it is installed and prevents problems such as water penetration or freezing.

Among the great advantages of this product is not only the fact that it is a thermal insulator; it also reduces the risk of condensation, is ideal for heated floors because it helps save energy and is durable and efficient. 


The floors can be insulated both at residential and industrial level. The materials required for their use are listed below:

  • Alveolar aeration system. It is a sanitary emptying under the floor of the chamber whose purpose is to avoid the freezing of the floor. The expansion of the cold would end up seriously damaging the foundations, and the alveolar system is the optimal means to avoid this.
  • Beforefloor. Cleaning floor of about 5 cm plus alveolar cardboard that absorbs previous irregularities.
  • Asphalt. It is a formation of the vapor barrier by means of asphalt fabric and melted fiberglass.
  • Extruded polystyrene board insulation: promotes thermal insulation and, in terms of materials, is offered in polyurethane or extruded polyurethane.
  • Polyethylene insulation sheet. Polyethylene sheet that prevents the penetration of the water that produces the setting of the concrete.
  • Floor. Final slab of concrete. They are placed on the ground where the material is going to be deposited so that this and other structures are settled. 
  • Socket. Gas tightness. It is very useful for controlled atmosphere chambers and to avoid the escape of gases and the material, galvanized steel plate with polyester, is impermeable to gas.

The wall of the panel is embedded in the floor, and the bottom part is stripped of the sheet metal in order to break the thermal bridge. The rest of the installation is sealed with fungicide.


Insulating floors can be installed in both industrial and residential areas.

It is a great option when investing because in the long run it means significant electricity savings, since a large part of the energy losses in homes and buildings in general usually occur due to poor insulation and walls and floors.

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Floor Insulation - Dippanel


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