Floor Insulation

Floor Insulation

Floor insulation

1.-Alveolar ventilation system. Depopulation under the floor of the chamber aimed at preventing floor freezing, and that its expansion would result in damage to the foundation.

2.-Before floor. Cleaning floors and cardboard about 5cm alveolar absorb unprecedented irregularities.

3.-Asphalt. Formation of the vapor barrier by asphalt and fiberglass cast.

4.-Extruded polystyrene insulation boards. Thermal insulation. Options: polyurethane, extruded polystyrene.

5.-Polyethylene insulating sheet. Sheet of polyethylene to prevent water penetration of concrete setting.

6.-Floor. Final slab of concrete.

7.-Socket. Gas tightness. For controlled atmosphere and prevent the escape of gases, the galvanized steel with polyester is impervious to gas.

The rest of the system is sealed with a fungicide.

Details of how the panel wall is recessed in the floor. Its bottom is devoid of the plate to break the thermal.

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