Dippanel specializes in sandwich panels for industrial plants & refrigerated cold chambers

Dippanel is one of the leaders in the national market of products and solutions for the processed food industry insulation. The sandwich panels and refrigerating doors offered by Dippanel have the best quality guaranteed. Our products are focused on both the field of refrigerating chambers (refrigerating doors and sandwich panels) and industrial building construction (Sandwich Panel Construction).Furthermore, sandwich panel sanitary is offered too.

Dippanel offers an exclusive service for installers, advising and offering them the necessary products for a quality installation e.g sandwich panels, profiles, screws and all kind of accessories necessary for the assembly.

In our facilities you can find a permanent stock of sandwich panel for refrigerating chambers and construction, as well as sanitary sandwich panel for more specific installations. We also have sandwich panels for roofs and facades as well as the necessary accessories for the assembly.

Our sandwich panels and refrigerating doors comply with all European safety and quality regulations. Quality and customer satisfaction is Dippanel’s priority.

Despite our recent history, Dippanel has professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the sector, which is a quality and trust guarantee; Clients have always entrusted us from our beginning. Due to this, Dippanel has been growing since it was founded in 2008. The company is seeking to increase its brand awareness abroad.


  • Refrigerating sandwich panels:

Insulating sandwich panels for refrigeration and freezing Chambers, which comply with the French regulation AVIS TECNIQUE, with polyurethane foam insulation and with the possibility of complying with the fire regulations EUROCLASSE Bs2d0.

  • Refrigerator doors:

Sliding or swing doors for refrigerating chambers, completing the range with pivot, passenger doors for people, roller shutter fast door and loading docks.


  • Construction Sandwich Panels:

Insulating sandwich panels for roofs and facades for industrial buildings, which comply with the French regulation AVIS TECNIQUE, with insulation of polyurethane foam and with the possibility of complying with the fire regulation EUROCLASSE Bs2d0.

  • Sandwich Panels for the processed-food industry:

We have an important range of panels for the industry: Roof panels with flashing or without flashing, tile-type panels, fireproof rockwool panels for sectoring, facade panels in different colors and finishes with hidden screws.

  • RF doors:

Sliding or swing RF doors, which comply with the Fire Resistance regulations, according to models RF30, RF60, RF90

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