Construction panel

Construction panel

Construction panel that stands out for its excellent quality, completion and easy maintenance. It meets the sanitary standards


  • The assembly of the sandwich panels is simple and fast, and the short installation time also means a significant reduction in accidents.
  • Among some of the most common applications of these panels is the waterproofing of spaces, since it is quite resistant to both high and low temperatures and steam; as well as sound insulation. For that same reason it is also suitable for industrial buildings, storage or private homes, among others.


Depending on the project or the interest of the client, we offer a wide variety of models of construction panels. Also, depending on the model, it has a series of features to consult. However, they have in common that they are easy to clean, do not absorb moisture and do not create fungi. The fact that they use materials that are free of odors and are resistant to the scourge of the elements, such as rain or snow, and corrosion make sandwich panels a very aesthetic option and for any project, whatever the magnitude. These panels have two metal sheets of different thickness whose center is composed of an insulating material, which allows maintaining a suitable temperature inside the building in which it is installed. That can also be manufactured with measures and color preferred by the customer makes it a very versatile option.
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