Self-repairable door

Self-repairable door

The inclusion of a fully electronic control box, as well as its exclusive patented guiaje and control system since its inception, has made a difference in the sector. This system allows in case of impact against the canvas, it appears from the guides to automatically re-introduced to raise the door with the push of a button, so that repair and maintenance costs are minimized.

It is ideal for stores, supermarkets, laboratories and any separation of areas requiring quick and secure access.

Vertical columns: Made of extruded aluminum with surface treatments.

Also available in stainless steel.

Funky system: Drum manufactured from extruded aluminum with steel shaft and fitted with an alignment system.

Canvas thicknesses: 0.8 to 1.5 – 2.1 mm.

Degree of protection: normal environments without condensation. For other environments, please consult.

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Self-repairable door - Dippanel

Reforced interior door

It is the result of a union between the door and the door self-healing Enhanced Exterior; designed for places where there correintes air and efficient communication between various parts needed.

Self-repairable door - Dippanel

Reinforced exterior door

The best solution for locations directly exposed to outdoor areas and / or large air pressures. It is equipped with flexible reinforcements onto the canvas stiffness and facilitate the winding of the same.

Self-repairable door - Dippanel

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Aimed at large holes vain, the gate stack is the perfect balance between strength and safety. Its operation is based on controlling the movement of the canvas with reinforcements using retaining straps fastened to the shaft and PVC skirt sections that are stacked canvas.

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