Panel sectorización

Rockwool sandwich panel

Rockwool sandwich panel

The rock wool sandwich panel is specially designed and manufactured for industrial facades, although its use to separate different rooms or areas of an installation is also very common. The high fire resistance of this panel makes it ideal for use in industrial facilities where the risk of fire is high, or public buildings with a large transfer of people.

The panel consists of two lacquered steel sheets with a central core of rock wool. Rock wool is a material that comes from mineral wool that is obtained from volcanic rock, whose manufacturing process simulates the action of a volcano. Due to its multidirectional fibrous structure, rock wool is an ideal insulator to thermally insulate a building and passively protect it against fire offering maximum protection.


  • Heated premises.
  • Interior acoustic shielding in industrial facilities.
  • Premises and manufacturing warehouses.
  • Premises where high fire resistance exists as an essential requirement.
  • Fireproof enclosures (garages, warehouses of dangerous substances, etc.).
  • Buildings where the activity is changing or for rent…


The panels are manufactured by two steel sheets bonded by an organic adhesive to the core of Rock Wool. Steel sheets can range between 0.5mm and 1mm, 0.5mm being the standard thickness for this type of panel. The coatings are applied depending on the use of the panel, the standard coating being SP25 polyester. Upon request, panels with other materials such as aluminum or stainless steel are offered.

The core of Lana de Roca complies with the European norm EN 13162.

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