Sectorization (Machihembrado)

Sectorization (Machihembrado)

Self-supporting metal sandwich panel, insulated with rock wool for the facades and interior compartments that require high performance fire resistance and high performance soundproofing.

It consists of two micro-ribbed steel sheets filed with a layer of rock wool insulation.

External and internal micro-ribbed veneer.

High resistance to fire and sound insulation absorption.

Fire resistant wall sandwich panels are available in

Width: 1000mm.

Thickness: 40 -50 – 80 – 100 – 120 – 150mm.

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Sectorization (Machihembrado) - Dippanel

Fire Resistant Cover Sandwich Panel

Self-supporting metal sandwich panel with rock wool insulation for placement on roofs and facades that require a high performance on fire resistance and sound insulation.

Sectorization (Machihembrado) - Dippanel

Wall sandwich panel with hidden screws

Self-supporting metal sandwich panel formed by two walls of metal and polyurethane foam insulation. Used on the facades of industrial buildings, commercial and general divisions.

Sectorization (Machihembrado) - Dippanel

Fire Resistant Panels

The fire-retardant rock wool panel is used for those installations that require compliance with minimum fire resistance standards, because due to the activity that is carried out in them, the risk of fire is greater.

Depending on the particular needs of the client, DIPPANEL offers several types of panels within the flame retardant range:

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