Industrial Pivot Door

Industrial pivot door

It is a refrigerating door designed specifically for the industry, for intensive conservation, freezing and / or tunneling uses.

This refrigerating door has an excellent quality of finishes and materials stands out for its robustness, its excellent energy efficiency and minimum maintenance.


  • Lock with key and internal unlocking (it exists the possibility of having the same key for several doors).
  • Sheet protection in lower area in checkerboard aluminum, stainless steel or 5mm polyethylene.
  • Fixed viewer with double glazing.
  • Various finishes in lacquered sheet metal (blue, red, green, gray, etc.), stainless steel, PVC, polyester, etc.
  • Frame with chapel for steps of aerial channels.

High density polyurethane foam (45/50 kg / m3) with fire classification Bs2d0. Galvanized steel sheet with white lacquer finishes and thickness of 0.6mm. Reinforced and edged around its perimeter with an extruded aluminum profile with stainless steel finish.

80mm (cooling), 100mm (freezing to -20ºC) and 150mm (freezing to -40ºC).

Frame and counter frame in white lacquered extruded aluminum with double thermal bridge breakage. Treatment with high resistance to corrosion, fixed with hidden screws adaptable to different thicknesses. The aluminum profiles are reinforced with housing for frost resistance (low temperature). It includes high heating resistors (temperatures up to -40ºC).

Lacquered aluminum regular hinges with lift ramp and stainless steel shaft. Interior lever handle, lacquered with reflective markings and stainless steel lever handle with two pressure points. The screws are completely made of stainless steel.

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