Reinforced aluminum floor

Reinforced aluminium floor

The non-slip aluminum in presentation surface modified “checkerboard”, has a tread thickness between 1 and 5 mm., The most common is the footprint of 2.0 mm in sheets stick type 2000 X 1000 mm.

This plate has as main characteristics have a non-slip effect and to reinforce soil standard sandwich panel, it can also be used for reinforcement in walls and decorative themes.

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Reinforced aluminum floor - Dippanel

Sectional door

Industrial sectional door consists of high quality sandwich panels that offer great insulation 40 mm thick, stuffed inside of insulating polyurethane foam, high-density (40 kg/m3), with different models and finishes.

The hinges, roll holder and other accessories of galvanized steel are certified by the TÜV, cables and springs meet regulations specific machines for each case.

Reinforced aluminum floor - Dippanel

Floor reinforced phenolic

Especially suitable for cold floors.

He is a board coated with a dark brown laminate glued with phenolic resin resistant to weather and abrasion.

Reinforced aluminum floor - Dippanel

Floor Insulation

Insulation with alveolar ventilation system, sunbeds, sunbeds, asphalt fabric …

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