PVC swing door

PVC swing door

Refrigerating door designed specifically for the separation of work rooms or refrigerated warehouses. Manufactured with PVC to comply with the strict sanitary norms.

Refrigerating door that stands out for its excellent quality, termination and easy maintenance. It complies with the sanitary standards and the expected benefits for this type of refrigeration doors.


  • Lock with key.
  • Sheet protection in lower area in checkerboard aluminum, stainless steel or 5mm polyethylene.
  • Protection of aluminum wing type sheet of 5mm or 3mm stainless steel.
  • Polyethylene finishes (blue, red, green, gray, etc.), always on request.


high density polyurethane foam (45/50 kg / m3) with fire classification Bs2d0. Galvanized steel sheet lacquered by both sheets and thickness of 0.6mm. Reinforced and edged around its perimeter with an extruded aluminum profile with stainless steel finish and high resistance to corrosion treatment. Rigid polyethylene coating 5mm. Methacrylate visor in 6mm (300x400mm).


Frame and counter frame in white lacquered extruded aluminum. Treatment with high resistance to corrosion, fixed with hidden screws adaptable to different thicknesses.

Double-action gray composite stainless steel hinges. Stainless steel shaft with 90º retention. Screws totally manufactured in stainless steel.

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