Wide variety of mounting screws for refrigerated installation.

Drilling Screws: For exterior metalic profiles. White lacquor or plastic.

Drilling Screws: For hidden metalic profiles.Galvanized

Drilling Screws: for sanitary profiles and sanitary sockets.

Drilling Screws: reinforcement of wall panels for fastening with inner reinforcement metal structure assistant.

Self-tapping screws: for connection between sandwich panels.

Screws with plastic stick: to fixing floor profiles to the ground.

Screws with plastic stick: for attachment to flat aluminum sheet metal work.

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Pressure compensation valves

Pressure compensation valves. Several models. It is used to equalize the internal pressure of the chamber with the external pressure in enclosures of different capacities.

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External support for roof support. It is used to avoid bending the roof sandwich panels when they save large lights.

Screws - Dippanel

Sliding door automatic kit

Preassembled, so assembly is quick and easy. Tractor consists of a bar made of extruded aluminum lacquer, in the interior are allowed all the mechanisms of transmission and engine to power the refrigerator door.

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