Standard door

Standard door

Standard door

Fast doors:
In Dippanel we have different varieties Speed Doors, depending on the needs of your business will recommend between different models of doors:

  • Rolling rapid self-repairing door
  • Rolling speed door reinforced outside
  • Fast Rolling inner reinforced door
  • Stackable fast gate
  • Refrigeration and rapid door Biport
  • Rolling door super fast Turboport
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Reinforced exterior door

The best solution for locations directly exposed to outdoor areas and / or large air pressures. It is equipped with flexible reinforcements onto the canvas stiffness and facilitate the winding of the same.

Reforced interior door

It is the result of a union between the door and the door self-healing Enhanced Exterior; designed for places where there correintes air and efficient communication between various parts needed.

Self-repairable door

The inclusion of a fully electronic control box, as well as its exclusive patented guiaje and control system since its inception, has made a difference in the sector.

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