Reforced interior door

Reforced interior door

It is the result of a union between the door and the door self-healing Enhanced Exterior; designed for places where there correintes air and efficient communication between various parts needed. This door has a horiontales stiffeners across the light opening, may bring the system Autorreparable® 1400 in the first route from the ground. With the Enhanced Interior door gets an agile and fast transit between two interior areas as well as better performance in pressurized cabins. It is optimal for areas presuprizadas laboratories, supermarkets, food companies with large internal bays to cover automotive workshops ….

Vertical columns: Made of extruded aluminum with surface treatments. Also available in stainless steel.

Rolled system: Drum manufactured from extruded aluminum with steel shaft and fitted with an alignment system ..

Canvas entretelada: It has a flexible tape horizontal reinforcement that gives sturdiness. It has, in turn side stops, according to that location allows the autorreparabilidad door in the latter part of this. Our extensive range of canvases give you the perfect solution for every application. Optional peepholes. Fireproof canvas M2 type. Apútrida, antifungal, resistant to UV rays.

Degree of protection: normal environments without condensation. For other environments, please consult.

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