Sandwich panel for wall

Sandwich panel for wall

Sandwich panel designed and manufactured especially for industrial facades or even partitions or false ceilings.

The production is continuous and the panel is normally composed of two sheets of lacquered steel or with special finishes for outdoor environments and a soul that acts as thermal and acoustic insulation polyurethane (PUR) or polyisocyanurate (PIR).

The façade panels must be mounted on metal structures, concrete or wood.

The standard panel width is 1000 mm and the maximum length is 18.000 mm. The most common in existence, 1006 colors are white, red tile, green Navarra, Blue Lake, Silver metalic (RAL 9006), slate gray (RAL 7022).

Facade sandwich panels are divided into various types and models:


  • The sandwich panels for the facade are oriented to industrial solutions such as enclosures, agricultural facilities, large areas or offices.
  • They are also a great solution to cover damaged walls such as cladding and reinforcement and for false ceilings. In the case of the hidden screw panel, it is very useful for both horizontal and vertical installations, given the versatility and efficiency offered by the joints.


Facade panels must be mounted on metal, concrete or wood structures. The width of the panel is standard 1,000 mm and the maximum length is 18,000 mm. The most common colors in existence are White 1006, Red Tile, Navarre Green, Lake Blue, Silver metallic (Ral 9006), Slate Gray (Ral 7022).

Among some of the features of these panels is its easy installation, its resistance to elements such as water or high temperatures and its thermal insulation capacity.

Dippanel proposes two types of panels for facades:

  • Hidden screws: whose innovative system of fixing hidden screws enhances the aesthetic appearance of the facade, making it much more colorful without losing quality or performance.
  • Panels of machi-female joint: they do not have any accommodation inside their board. By screwing it, the joints would prevent the screw from being seen.
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Sandwich panel for wall - Dippanel


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Sandwich panel for wall - Dippanel

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Sandwich panel for wall - Dippanel

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