The modern organization of production, including industrial, environmental conditions found in the workplace as a factor affecting productivity.

Within the environmental conditions are the conditions of aeration one of the essential elements to define the quality and temperature.

Consequently, the mission of industrial ventilation is:

  • Evacuate the heat produced by the activity to maintain a temperature level according to the environmental conditions.
  • Renew stale air and polluted by fumes caused by industrial activities.
  • Evacuate fumes from industrial activity, or in your case, fire emergency, in which case is an aeration security.
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V for roof and facade

The advantages of the shaped sheet are undoubtedly due to the economy of weight, mechanical resistance, ease of transport and handling, economy of assembly and great aesthetic possibilities.

Aerators - Dippanel

PVC cladding panels for walls and ceilings

P.V.C. Coverings are the right solution both to decorate the walls making them blend in with its surroundings, to take the need to meet certain health requirements. In addition, the creation of false ceilings, whether rehabilitation, new installation, or on the roof of work.

Aerators - Dippanel


The rooflights have a high potential to provide the amount, type and distribution of natural light necessary for the specications of a building. At the same time, they make possible a reduction of the energy used for artificial lighting and heating.

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