Sandwich panel roof tile

Sandwich panel roof tile

The self-supporting roof tile panels are made of a sheet of steel on each side and a rigid polyurethane foam core. These panels have been specially designed for sloping roofs with a minimum slope of 10%.


They are especially versatile for pool areas or any area with water, such as bathrooms, a spa, a covered garden, or to replace a damaged tile roof.


  • Maximum length of 16,450mm
  • 1,000mm useful width
  • Ease of assembly
  • Water tightness against rainwater.
  • Aesthetic tile type that faithfully mimics its shape and color.

Roof tile sandwich panel card

Fire rating

Our panels with polyurethane foam core (PUR) have a fire reaction classification (C-s3-d0) according to EN 13501-1

Main advantage

Thanks to its design it is a panel that is easy to assemble and handle. Its unique exterior design resembles in its shape the popular Arabic tile, which gives this panel great versatility, since it can be perfectly adapted to the aesthetics of the environment. We have several options for interior finishing according to customer needs.

Panel board

Sandwich panel roof tile - Dippanel

Profile and Panel Section

Sandwich panel roof tile - Dippanel

Product Technical Specifications

Sandwich panel roof tile - Dippanel

Visual panel detail

Sandwich panel roof tile - Dippanel
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Sandwich panel roof tile - Dippanel

Sandwich panel for cover

Sandwich panel designed and manufactured especially for industrial or residential decks, that is, we can cover from a garage to a large logistics center, we adapt to their needs at all times.

Sandwich panel roof tile - Dippanel

Flashing panel 3 grecas

This panel can say that is the most established in the market model, because its design with a flashing at the junction of each panel, leaving the screws covered with the same, is the most widely accepted by our customers.

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