Sectorization Panel

Sectorization Panel

The panels are manufactured with two steel sheets bound together by an organic adhesive and filled in with rockwool. The thickness of the panels can range between 0.5mm and 1mm, o.5mm being the standard thickness for this type of panel. The rockwool core complies with European norm EN 13162.


  • Heated premises.
  • Interior acoustic shielding in industrial facilities.
  • Manufacturing premises.
  • Premises where there is an essential requirement high fire resistance.
  • Fireproof enclosures (garages, warehouses of dangerous substances…).
  • Buildings where the activity is changing or for rent.

Fire retardant high density

Fire retardant low density

Acoustic high density

Acoustic low density

Ficha de paneles sectorización

Clasificación frente al fuego

Nuestros paneles con núcleo de Lana de Roca tienen una clasificación de reacción frente al fuego A2-s1-d0 (EI30), según norma EN13501-1.

Junta de panel

Perfil y sección del panel

Especificaciones técnicas del producto

Tabla sobrecarca de panel biapoyado

Temperatura límite de empleo

  • Aplicaciones desde -5ºC hasta +180ºC

No hidrófilo

Colores estándar

  • Para otross colores, preguntar y bajo pedido.
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There are two types of sandwich panels Refrigerators: Sandwich Panel Sandwich Panel 0º Positive Negative BT.

With hook

This system allows us to carry out the assembly of a refrigeration installation in a minimum time, since the interconnection system between panels is safe and very simple. It also allows us to save small unevenness in the hearths of the facilities.

Profiles and mounting accessories

Self-supporting metal sandwich panels insulated in polyurethane with tongue and groove joint, intended for the realization of refrigerated or air-conditioned department stores and cold stores.

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