Concealed Fix Cover Sandwich Panel

Concealed Fix Cover Sandwich Panel

Self-supporting metal panel, insulated with polyurethane foam and used for sloping roofs, slope of at least 3% in covered without overlap and 6% covert with overlap.

Our experiences in the development and manufacture of panels has led us to design a panel with three frets and flashing hiding double fastening system.

The panel has a high mechanical strength and guaranteed sealing any supporting structure is made of wood, steel or concrete.


Classification according to EN 13501-1 for reaction to fire at the Spanish Institute Applus. B s2 d0 classification certificate 09/32300060 Part 2.

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The rooflights have a high potential to provide the amount, type and distribution of natural light necessary for the specications of a building. At the same time, they make possible a reduction of the energy used for artificial lighting and heating.

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