DIPPANEL and the New Market of the Port of Huelva

La Lonja de Huelva has undergone a complete remodeling, a remodeling that has wanted to join that part of the Port of Huelva to the city of Huelva making it a part of it.
Lonja de Huelva

La Lonja de Huelva has undergone a complete remodeling, a remodeling that has wanted to join that part of the Port of Huelva to the city of Huelva making it a part of it.

This project began two years ago when the work of the Lonja of the Port of Huelva came to the competition. Back in May, the project for the renewal and adaptation to the new market demands for the Lonja de Huelva for more than 7 million euros was tendered. This plan was divided into two phases, a first phase that would contemplate the construction and commissioning of a new, larger and more modern fish market that met the current requirements for the sale and distribution of fish and shellfish, and a second phase that includes a 2-storey building (1,100 m2 and 750 m2 respectively), intended solely and exclusively for restoration.

One of the loading and unloading areas of the New Market of the Port of Huelva. The four loading docks they see in the images have been developed by DIPPANEL.

Dippanel has been in charge of the construction of the first phase of the project, that is, of the Lonja, specifically of the interior areas, cold rooms, handling rooms, laboratories, and the loading and unloading areas of goods (loading docks) . This building is built on the Dock of Levante of the Port of Huelva and consists of a ground floor of 3,800 m2. In it we find a diaphanous area dedicated to the unloading and handling of the product captured in the day, the corresponding cold stores, the warehouse, the wholesale market, offices and changing rooms.


DIPPANEL has been in charge of the interior areas of the new Lonja Building as well as the loading and unloading docks of the same.

The upper part of the building of the new Lonja consists of 2,500 m2 and will have a free access area for citizens who want to attend the auctions. It will also have a laboratory area for quality control of the products auctioned there, a cafeteria / restaurant area, a gourmet shop and a small museum that tells us the history of the Huelva fishing activity.


In this photo you can see one of the cold rooms that we have built for the new Lonja of the Port of Huelva.

For the construction of the Dippanel Market, it has used more than 3,000 meters of Sandwich Panel, 8 loading docks, 15 sectional doors and more than 15 refrigeration doors, for the construction of the aforementioned areas.

The most significant space of the new Lonja will be the area dedicated to auctions, which may be public thanks to some stands. The auction zone has a conveyor belt through which the corresponding boxes of fish (previously classified and labeled to certify their origin) that will travel to the area of ​​accredited buyers. Once there, these buyers will control the price through an electronic display by means of a command with which they will be making their offers.

This is the auction zone with the corresponding stands, which may be publicly accessible. It is, without a doubt, one of the most attractive areas. DIPPANEL has been responsible for the roof enclosure.

The new Lonja, as well as the Seafood City, will integrate the industrial zone of Puerto de Huelva with the city, turning this area into a more striking and leisure area.

This remodeling of the Lonja de Huelva joins the great project of the city that seeks the regeneration of an industrial zone that was not integrated in the city. The culmination will come with the construction of the Seafood City (currently under construction) which, together with the remodeling of the Lonja and the Paseo de la Ría, will lead to the creation of a quality brand of fish and seafood from Huelva, which is the star project of the new leadership of the Huelva Port Authority.

Photo of the interior of one of the loading and unloading areas. On the right we find two cold rooms. The finishing of the roofs and walls in sandwich panel, as well as of the sectional doors, the loading docks and the cold rooms have been carried out by DIPPANEL.

The realization of this important work is another example of what Dippanel can offer in the market, quality products, well finished and executed with a full guarantee. From this space we want to thank Construcciones SANDO, S.A. for trusting us for the execution of this important work.

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